Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh dear me, how I love venison...

A cold day calls for warm comfort food.

Venison Roast

medium deer roast
1 medium yellow onion - chopped
4 carrots - chopped
1 8oz container of mushrooms
2 cups chicken stock
4 tbs olive oil - divided
salt to taste


Heat a dutch oven over medium.  Add 2Tbs olive oil.  Once oil is hot add onions and saute until they start to slightly brown.  Add carrots and saute for 2 minutes.  Add mushrooms and saute another minute.  Remove vegetables to a separate bowl.  Add 2Tbs of olive oil to the hot pan and sear the deer roast.  Once the meat is brown on all sides remove to a clean bowl or cutting board.  Return veggies to the pot and add chicken stock.  Be sure to get all of the yummy brown bits that have developed on the bottom of the pan.  Return roast to the pan and rest in on top of the vegetables.  Cover pot with lid and cook on low until roast is done through the center.  Time will vary slightly depending on the size of the roast you are using.

I also made biscuits using the Namaste Biscuits, Pie Crust & More! mix.  They were very easy to prepare and turned out beautifully.  Though I have to say I am very glad I decided to add rosemary.  I found the biscuits to have a bit of an odd aftertaste and I believe without the rosemary it would have been off putting.  Has anyone had a similar experience with this mix?

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