Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cookie Filled Day

I found this excellent Sugar Cookie recipe on  I followed the recipe to the letter...  sort of.  I couldn't find GF Oat Flour in our area.  I could have ordered it online but I promised I would provide cookies on Wednesday and didn't want to pay an arm an a leg for super fast shipping just to risk that the flour still wouldn't show up on time.  So I improvised... sort of.  I had a bag of Bob's Red Mill GF Quick Cooking Oats... and I have a food processor... so I made my own GF Oat Flour.

The dough looked beautiful!  I rolled it out between two pieces of parchment paper and was able to get one cookie out with a cookie cutter before... the butter realized it was really warm in my kitchen.  No need to panic! I decided to try rolling the dough in small balls and flattening them into circles.  This technique worked perfectly.  Also the original recipe said the cookies didn't spread out very much but mine ended up touching ever so slightly. I would play it safe and just not crowd the cookie sheet.

Another fun cookie related piece of fun from today - I won the Udi's Cookie Challenge 2!  I am so excited be able to try all of the new flavors!  Thank you Mr. Robo cookie.

Sugar Cookie Update:  After working with this recipe a little more I discovered if you roll out very small quantities of the dough and work very quickly you can use cookie cutters.  The cookies do spread though so more intricate shapes may not turn out as well.

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  1. If you chill your dough after you roll it out, the cookie cutters work much better and they will not spread as much.