Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blood tests and Halloween treats

Finally... after years of headaches, muscle, and joint pain... I went to the doctor.

I had put off this particular visit for two reasons.  Reason #1:  I don't want to be told there is something else wrong with me.  Reason #2:  My symptoms had improved for a while after removing gluten from my diet.  Over the past few months though my symptoms have been worsening and it was obvious what my next step should be.  So to the doctor I went.  Blood was drawn.  Tests are being run.  For all I know part of me is spinning away in a centrifuge while I type this.  I will be contacted tomorrow with results and further instruction.  Hopefully this will not be in the form of a message apt to self destruct.  Possibilities being looked at currently: inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

In my opinion every bad day requires something sweet.


Today I made delicious Rice Krispie treats for Piper to share with her preschool classmates.  I was very excited to try the newly discovered marshmallow recipe for these and it turned into a delicious learning experience.  I tried to follow the recipe on the box as closely as I could... after all it is tried and true.  About halfway through the beating process I added the melted butter the original recipe called for.  Next time I try this I'm going to leave the butter out.  The taste great and they set up well but the butter kept the marshmallow from fluffing up as much as I would have liked.  I also decided to use a little red and yellow food coloring to make the treats festive.  This little project led me to two discoveries.

Discovery #1:  Betty Crocker food coloring gels are Gluten Free

Discovery #2:  Pam cooking sprays are Gluten Free  !!EXCEPT!! - The one designed for baking.

Going to bed with hopes tomorrow will bring good news.  Sleeping soundly knowing that even if it doesn't I am surrounded by a world of sweetness.


  1. So I stumbled upon your wonderful website and thought I would share a link with you.
    I have been dealing with hypothyroidism over the past year with many fibro-like symptoms. My "standard" tests were normal but rt3 elevated. The website will tell you everything you need to know. I am trying to go gluten free also :) Good luck to you!! Cindy

  2. Thank you Cindy, I will definitely take a look at this site.