Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breadzilla!!... what in the world went wrong?

All in all this has been a good weekend.  Energy level could be higher but over all the pain has been tolerable. I'm counting myself lucky considering we got a couple inches of snow.  Snow.  Snow that will, with any luck, be gone in time for trick or treating tomorrow evening.

I have not taken my new prescription pain medication yet... looking at the bottle sort of terrifies me.  I suppose I do need to go ahead and get it on board so I know if it will work for me and not against my poor gastritic stomach.  I'm not sure you can turn gastritis into an adjective the same way you can arthritis... but I'm going to make it work for me.


No crazy baking experiments were undertaken this weekend.  I made the usual Sunday waffles, which were delicious, as usual.  We had some friends come over to play for a while.  Fun was had by all.  OH YEAH, and I made the craziest looking loaf of bread I have ever seen.  I used the Bob's Red Mill bread mix and followed the oven baking directions, and, well... well... it turned out like this...

I don't even understand how this happened.  It tastes fine, which is really all that matters.  Would love some insight on what I may have done to cause this.  I sort of feel like I need to go ahead and make lots of sandwiches before it gains super strength and takes over the world.


  1. Looks fine to me, but I'm not a baker -- haha! Actually, looks really, really good to me right now ... Must be dinner time!

  2. I've used Bob's Red MIll and I get the same results. I asked one of the women at the Gluten Free bakery here in town and she said it sounded like a "tad too much sugar" in the recipe. I have actually had all of the "innards" puff out like that and had a huge tunnel right down the center. Needless to say, I couldn't use it for sandwiches. The only thing it was good for was bread crumbs.

  3. I've had this happen a couple times too so I started following the recipe by 3/4 of all measurements. Works well =) also I've found that if you sift the Bob's bread mix if makes for fluffy cupcakes 80)

  4. Marshall's Corner - I'll have to give the 3/4 measure idea a try.

    I have been using King Arthur's - and Pamela's Products mixes -
    with beautiful and delicious results every time.