Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Spin On An Old Favorite

We spent most of the day without internet. This fact left me so distraught I had no other choice but to stress bake. I went to the cabinet and pulled out the bag of Pamela's Products baking and pancake mix. Luckily on the side is a very simple banana bread recipe which proved to be just enough to get me through my "moment" and make a perfect snack for the kiddos when they got up from their naps.

Everyone decided they wanted pizza for dinner so I decided to try something a little different. I used Bob's Red Mill pizza crust and lined muffin tins in order to make crust cups. The centers of the crust rose slightly but I was able to use the back of a tablespoon to push it back down to make room for "toppings". We chose to fill our cups with ricotta, pepperoni, mushrooms, broccoli, and kalamata olives. These pizza muffins are perfect for dipping into pizza sauce and would be wonderful along side a bowl of tomato soup.

Now off to rest ... many experiments planned for tomorrow.

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