Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello 2011!

Yes, I know it is February.  I am also beginning to think the reason I haven't posted this year is because I made it a New Year Resolution.  I never follow through with those.  Anyhow... we have made many more adjustments since the last time I posted and have moved our home towards being completely gluten free (even though I am the only one showing signs of an allergy).  The next goal is to learn how to deal with the added expense of a gluten free lifestyle, and to move ourselves toward raw and local sustainable food sources.

Jeff and I have watched quite a few documentaries on Food, Corporations, and the relationships between the two.  We are on information overload at the moment but one thing we are sure of is that we are not OK with our government deciding what is a safe level of poison for our family to consume.  The fact is there is no level of poison that we will knowingly allow our children to eat.

We are extremely lucky in the fact that we live only miles away from Polyface Farm, and that we have enough land to start our own garden.  2011 will be filled with adventures in health and learning how to become supporters of sustainable living.