Monday, January 30, 2012

Lets see what happens when I try to be efficient...

... I just got finished making tomorrow mornings pancakes...

Life could get a lot easier if I learn to be the efficient on a regular basis.  I really hope no one out there is holding their breath... but I'll keep you updated.

I used the Bobs Red Mill mix but I added in some cinnamon, vanilla, and about a Tbs of Apple Butter.  They're really good but man are they dense.  Anyone else have this issue with this particular mix?  Wonderful for if you're in a hurry, otherwise I would stick with the oat flour recipe.

Added in some allergy medicine into the mix today.  The weather in Virginia is CrAzY right now.  Hoping to fight off some dizziness.

Piper's latest masterpiece.
It's about time to have her fingerpaint a canvas.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I love Saturdays.

Had a productive day painting the dinning room a slightly different shade of white.  When did I become that person?  It does make me happy though.  Much easier to look at than the stark white.  Bermuda sand is what it is called.

Had a delicious dinner.  The kids refused to eat it, but they can kind of be jerks sometimes.

Pasta Primavera?  Sure.  That's what we'll call it.

I cooked Tinkyada brown rice penne according to the package directions.  While that was cooking I put a bag of frozen mixed veggies in a skillet with a little butter and warmed them through.  Once the veggies were all thawed I added about half a package of cream cheese, 2 tbs plain yogurt, dash of basil, dash of oregano, dash of onion powder, dash of garlic powder, little bit of salt.  Once the pasta was done I threw it** into the pan with the veggies and mixed it all together.  Delicious.  Don't listen to my kids.

Can anyone tell me why it is so difficult to find a good Dalek ring tone?

**I lied.  The pasta was actually placed gingerly into the pan.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Red Pill or Blue Pill
Today's adventure took me to the eyeball doctor.  A good friend of mine reminded me while I was there not to let the doctor bounce my eyeball (thank you Zuckerberg for making it possible for my friends to keep my ass in line at ALL times).  I assured her that if that were to happen then I would punch the Doctor in the boob.  And I would have... but everyone escaped relatively unharmed.  My pupils were 10x's too large when I left but they seem to be getting over themselves.  When I have episodes of vertigo I end up with tired and blurry vision so I wanted to make sure everything was on the up and up.  She says my eyes look great.  Very healthy.  This is good news and she could have stopped there but then she says "You are strange though".  Um... yeah... totally could have told you that.  Anyways she says when my eyes are dilated my nearsightedness improves.  Shut up pupils!

Here is what we had for dinner tonight - this isn't exactly a recipe... but I haven't exactly mastered whatever this creation will end up being.  But you should try it. It's good.

I made some hulled buckwheat using beef broth, added a can of black beans (rinsed and drained), and I mixed a little bit of a can of diced tomatoes in with it (just enough to add moisture).  Added a dash of salt, onion powder, and paprika and served on romaine leaves.  Next time I make this I'm going to add corn and possibly a little bit of garlic.  All in all VERY tasty.  I also toasted up some Udi's hamburger buns and slathered them in apple butter.  Because... sometimes you just need to have apple butter.  Right?  Right.

I also think I have found a great craft project for this weekend... or a weekend... might not happen this weekend.  TARDIS refrigerator.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My brain is working overtime right now.  I have several little projects up my sleeve.  I also REALLY wanted to share this post from the Bloggess and hope you follow some of the links to find out more about the Traveling Red Dress Project.

AAAaaand... I've been painting this fun playhouse and getting all caught up on Dr. Who.

I guess I'll let the kids play with this when
I'm finished...

Health wise things have been going pretty well **knock on wood**.  Interesting thing I have noticed is that if I'm having an unusually rough time with joint and muscle pain my stomach pain and IBS is not as bad.  On the flip side... if I'm having a rough stomach/IBS flare my joint and muscle pain is almost nonexistent.  Anyone else out there in fibromyalgia land have a similar experience?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zazzle and Sh!t My Kid Says

Our kids say some pretty wacky things... I have been in the habit of posting random "Sydisms" as facebook status updates.  They are mostly Sydisms because Piper has just started to talk.  They have been enjoyed by a lot of people and we decided to give these little gems their very own facebook page and twitter account.  You can also find trinkets in the kiddos Zazzle shop.

We have fun.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sleep deprivation...

I have had a bad cold / fibro flare / vertigo / anxiety day.  Sleep deprivation is kicked into high gear.  Thank goodness for Dr. Who and the interwebs.  Limitless mindless meanderings...

I did find this Yahoo! article to be quite interesting - Georgia Childhood Obesity Campaign Draws Criticism
I posted it to my facebook wall to start a debate... it turns out that rather than debate this particular topic all I really want to do is tell people who disagree with me that they're wrong.  Oh well.  Sometimes I'm a douche canoe.

In other news...  Piper is making great strides toward mastering the art of subtlety.  I'm proud.