Monday, January 30, 2012

Lets see what happens when I try to be efficient...

... I just got finished making tomorrow mornings pancakes...

Life could get a lot easier if I learn to be the efficient on a regular basis.  I really hope no one out there is holding their breath... but I'll keep you updated.

I used the Bobs Red Mill mix but I added in some cinnamon, vanilla, and about a Tbs of Apple Butter.  They're really good but man are they dense.  Anyone else have this issue with this particular mix?  Wonderful for if you're in a hurry, otherwise I would stick with the oat flour recipe.

Added in some allergy medicine into the mix today.  The weather in Virginia is CrAzY right now.  Hoping to fight off some dizziness.

Piper's latest masterpiece.
It's about time to have her fingerpaint a canvas.

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