Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My brain is working overtime right now.  I have several little projects up my sleeve.  I also REALLY wanted to share this post from the Bloggess and hope you follow some of the links to find out more about the Traveling Red Dress Project.

AAAaaand... I've been painting this fun playhouse and getting all caught up on Dr. Who.

I guess I'll let the kids play with this when
I'm finished...

Health wise things have been going pretty well **knock on wood**.  Interesting thing I have noticed is that if I'm having an unusually rough time with joint and muscle pain my stomach pain and IBS is not as bad.  On the flip side... if I'm having a rough stomach/IBS flare my joint and muscle pain is almost nonexistent.  Anyone else out there in fibromyalgia land have a similar experience?

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