Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Day

Today began with a rude awakening by the native short people banging on the foot board of our bed. In my deep sleep it seems I forgot the true use of a foot board is that of a tribal drum for the native short people... I have been spending the rest of the day trying my darndest to wake up. I miss the days where a cup of coffee would have proven a simple solution to my foggy headed woes... alas a wonky tummy prevents me from indulging in the beautiful richness of The Java. While getting the kiddos off to school I was very happy to take a minute to stop and take in the beauty of a tree. I also had the pleasure of talking to a very dear friend of mine on the phone. I always enjoying keeping up with my favorite Boulderites.

Had a fun time this evening hanging out with Sydney playing with our food. I made a trip to Cranberry's Grocery today to pick up a container of Udi's chocolate chip cookies in order to participate in the Cookie Challenge on Twitter  ~

Cookie Challenge 2: Upload a photo of Udi’s cookies dressed in costume for Halloween. Include the hash tag

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