Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sun Tea and Beekeeping

A day full of vacation prep, sun tea making, errand running, beekeeping, and we still managed to squeeze in time to play in the water.  Tomorrow I will be adding the first honey super to the backyard hive.  I decided to go with a 10 frame medium deep super and to stick with the black plastic foundation.  I'm planning to take the frames to someone with an extractor this year so plastic foundation seemed the best way to go.  Next year I'll try my hand at some cut comb honey.

OH yeah... I have bees now.  That happened while you were I was away.  They are super amazing wonderful creatures and I just love to watch them.  I never would have guessed that being in the middle of a bee hive with tons of buzzing while wearing a suit that makes me sweat gallons would be a relaxing, meditative activity for this little ball of anxiety.  Love this crazy life.

Here are some fun pictures from our day.  With any luck I'll be able to catch some pictures and some video at the hive tomorrow.


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