Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankfulness Day 8

I am thankful I live in a supportive community and have friends who are willing to help at the drop of a hat.  Gives this dizzy momma some sense of security.

After going months without any vertigo symptoms I had what I'm affectionately calling a "flare up".  On my way to pick the kids up from preschool I became horribly nauseous and dizzy.  Luckily this was not my first rodeo and I know that as long as I stay calm and focus I can handle getting myself to safety.  Once I got to the school to pick up my youngest I was able to call a friend who only lives two blocks away and she was kind enough to drive us home.

I have been feeling better as the day has gone on but still not a hundred percent.  I see more Dramamine in my future but hopefully with some rest I'll be back to myself in a day or so.

Starting today I am keeping a journal of everything I eat and all of my aches and pains.  Hopefully this will help me pick out specific triggers so I can get some of this craziness in check.

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