Friday, May 18, 2012

I can't even make this stuff up...

Colonoscopy prep is one of the most unsexy things a person can ever experience.  Spell check is telling me that unsexy is not a word... well I hate to break it to you spell check but that is exactly how I felt.  Between starvation induced delirium and sedatives I don't remember much of Tuesday.  I'm fine with that.

Wednesday morning began with a trip to the ER for the two year old.  She and big sister got into a fight over a toy and little sister ended up with a nursemaid's elbow.  Wednesday ended with a trip to CVS in which I had to convince the Pharmacist that when he filled my Prozac prescription he gave me 20 pills instead of 30... Yes, I was the lady insisting she had been short changed on the crazy pills.  Luckily I only had to discuss the matter with 3 people before they gave me more pills and sent me on my way.

Thursday brought fantastic news -- All biopsies were negative!

And while I am obviously happy to not have gremlins living in my intestines it still leaves me asking - Why do I hurt All The Time?...


  1. Unsexy is a word. As a recent survivor of colonoscopy prep myself, I have to agree with you. Oddly enough, I had hardly any pain during the colonoscopy prep. No Food=No Pain.

    I passed on the sedatives though because I wanted to watch it on the TV screen.

    Congrats on the neg biopsy!

  2. You're right. Unsexy is TOTALLY a word and spell check is mouthy. I am so glad I went with sedation. I woke up from pain at one point during the procedure so a note was made in my chart to use anesthesia next time. Fun :/ I checked out your blog and I am SERIOUSLY contemplating a Paleo diet. Going to take the weekend to formulate a plan.