Monday, July 2, 2012

Anniversaries, Land Hurricanes, and Insomnia. Trifecta!

No matter how much I would like to get my hands on every calendar before it is printed and edit out June 29 I know it will still happen.   Every year.  Right between June 28th and June 30th.  Forever.
 8 Years ago I lost my baby sister.  I hate that term... "lost"... I know exactly where she is.
It's horrible that an accident should take someone so young and so full of life.  15 years old.
The most difficult part of turning 30 for me was the realization that I have lived twice as many years as she was given.  Logically I know there is no reason to feel guilt over something like that... emotionally however it makes me dry heave.  Emotional dry heaves are unpleasant and a special kind of uncomfortable.  This year however was slightly different.  Not better.  I don't think it will ever be better, but different... I think I can work with different.

Friday evening brought an interesting weather experience to our area.  To say the least.  I had never even HEARD of a "land hurricane" but apparently, from time to time, these beasts do rear their ugly heads.  Jeff and I ended up hanging out in the basement hoping that it just sounded a lot worse than it was.  Turns out it was pretty bad.  Luckily our property wasn't horribly damaged.  We just lost the top of a tree and some shingles.  We went out Saturday morning to get roofing materials and Lowes was so busy I had to ask a random group of contractors if any of them could help me pick out the type of roofing cement I needed.  Lowes is typically one of the places I can't spend more than 15 minutes in before becoming nauseous and disoriented but this time I managed to make it through while holding a conversation with a complete stranger.  WIN!  When we got home we discovered that someone had taken care of our downed tree problem.  My goal is to discover who is responsible and bake them cookies.

The girls enjoyed their weekend with the grandparents in Lynchburg even without electricity.  Piper has discovered a love for gymnastics and they both tried to qualify for the men's 50 meter free style but both ended up finishing about 1,150 miles away.

Insomnia seems to have returned.  I hope that the flare this is inevitably leading up to isn't too long lasting.  I guess land hurricanes should be expected to bring fibro flares along with the neighbors trash can.

Trying to look forward to the 4th of July and spending some extra time with my favorites.

Piper's impression of a bag lady.

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