Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gluten Free Boxed Mac'n'Cheese

Sydney Jane prides herself on being a Mac'n'Cheese Aficionado. Today at lunch we tried 'Annie's Homegrown: Rice Pasta & Cheddar Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese'

While this lunch option certainly wasn't as convenient as the cups of macaroni you simply add water to and microwave for 3minutes & 30seconds, it certainly wasn't rocket science. I found the cheese sauce to be a little bland when mixed with milk but there is a suggestion to mix the cheese powder with yogurt for a more "tangy" flavor - next time we will give this suggestion a try. Sydney had no complaints about her lunch and didn't even seem to notice the new Rice Noodle's texture.

I was a little concerned about the price difference between the easy microwavable mac'n'cheese and the Annie's Gluten Free but once I did the math I found the Annie's brand to be pretty evenly priced.

1 Microwavable Mac'n'cheese (2.26oz) - about $1 ~ 1 Annie's GF Mac'n'cheese (6oz) - about $3

This product passed the 2 year old test and that is one of the most prestigious awards a boxed Mac can ever hope for.

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