Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goldfish are high maintenance.

So far we have had to say goodbye to two goldfish.  Our children would have nothing to do with a water burial for their beloved princess fish so our flower garden should be well fertilized by spring.  AND the girl at PetSmart may have been just a little high and mighty with her goldfish ethics.  Maybe.  Just a little.  After all, there were no less than three floaters in the tanks she was overseeing... undertaking... whatever.  Hopefully we'll get this nonsense figured out and the world goldfish population will never rest on our shoulders.  Currently monitoring Ph and ammonia levels...  This is bordering on a level of chemistry I'm just not sure I'm qualified for.  Where is Walter White when you need him?

Maybe I can find a way to get goldfish to eat stinkbugs and become super goldfish that never die because they'll take on the stinkbug superpower of Never Dying.  Like Rogue, except hungrier?

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